Ecto Cooler, Oreo Os, String Thing, Squeezits...we hardly new 'ye! Those foods may have gone to the great shopping cart in the sky, but one of your favorite extinct childhood foods is coming back!

Remember that one time Coke tried to kill Pepsi's Mountain Dew?  Surge Soda was originally nicknamed "MDK" which stood for Mountain Dew Killer.  The caffeine packed citrus soda has had a cult following for years after Coke pulled it from shelves in 2003.  When it made a brief return last year through the magic of Amazon, consumers bought out the stock of $14 12-packs of soda.

Now it appears that you won't have to worry about shipping charges! A website dedicated to the #surgecomeback shows that the soda is back on shelves in the Eastern part of the country. Backers of the Surge Movement have been posting pictures of happy fans reunited with their beloved soda as well!

If you're jonesing for one don't be bummed that we don't lived on the East Coast!  The map shows that the Chevrons on Ustick, Overland and 10 Mile in Meridian are independent resellers and have the soda in their coolers.  We cannot confirm or deny this at this time! Have you seen Surge in the Treasure Valley? If so, where?!

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