Today is National Radio Day, so I learned on twitter. I had no idea the business in which I work had an entire day, but I didn't want to miss out on the celebration of my first love.

No joke, this "job" of mine is my first true love. I was first hired at a radio station when I was 14 years old--a Freshman at Bishop Kelly High School. You never heard my voice-- I was behind the scenes. Joe E King, our promotions director here at 103.5 KISSFM met me when I was going to BK and asked if I wanted a job. Ever sense, there has been no looking back.  I worked for a radio station here in Boise all 4 years of high school, some days taking the city bus to get to work because I didn't have my first car yet. As the years went on, my duties changed, my expectations were raised, and by the time I was preparing to move to Spokane, Washington for college--I already had a job lined up.

I spent 4 years in Spokane doing what I I was on at night, just like I am now. My own show, hardly any free time as a college kid, but I continued because this is what I love to do. There was a point, when I was fired from my first station in Spokane, that I felt like all of my years had been a waste.  The boss told me everything I did on the air and at work was too basic--he said I would never "make it".  It took me a month to get over that, before joining a new station in Spokane with a new found motivation.

Fast forward to today and here I am back in Boise doing what I love. I think back often to that boss who discouraged me and wonder...what does it mean to "make it" and why was that unattainable for me?

Well, I'm not sure you ever "make it". I'm a firm believer that no matter what profession or arena, you're always a student of the craft. You're always looking to learn things from new people. To me, "making it" has meant happiness, sharing moments with co-workers and those in the community that listen to 103.5 KISSFM, meeting new faces as Life for 175. I suppose you could say, on National Radio Day 2017 that I have indeed, "made it" and that is all thanks to YOU for being a part of our radio station, our events, and the community.

Now...go celebrate and turn up your radio!

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