Actually, chances are pretty good that if you live in the state of Idaho you might be safe. You might only halfway have this terrible sexually transmitted disease or one of the many. has released a new study for 2019 that ranks every state's STD rate per capita and Idaho actually does okay. That is if you look at 368 cases per 100k people.

Chlamydia is one of the most common types of sexually transmitted diseases and can lead to fertility problems in women. Idaho does worst in this study placing us in pretty much half the pack. Everyone begins to look up from there.

I'm actually breaking down number Idaho ranks 44th on the list of 50 states. That's way better than halfway Idaho. Looks to be a pretty safe, sexual state for risks based on numbers. Let's see how we did overall.


  • Idaho ranks #44
  • Alaska ranks #1


  • Idaho #47
  • Mississippi #1


  • Idaho #41
  • Nevada #1

Overall Average STD State Rank

  • Idaho #47
  • Louisiana #1

The Treasure Valley is notorious for making top 5 lists for the cleanest city, most tech-savvy, young professional growth and the lists go on. This is one list you don't wanna be top 5 and we nailed that! 🎯

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