Hatchimals is the hottest toy this season and nobody saw it coming...except for those who keep finding them and buying them all making it impossible for everyone else to find one. You can pay $8,888 on eBay or possibly find one in the following places.

The website NowInStock claims to have all record of Hatchimals and availability at Walmart. I have yet to see if this is true because I haven't been able to track one down. I thought I would provide you the website in case you can come up with a solution.

I'll back it up a bit. What is a Hatchimal (other than what your child is or will be begging for)? Hatchimals come inside "eggs". Kids encourage their Hatchimal to come out of the egg over time. Inside the egg, the creature's eyes glow and it makes noise before it hatches. After the hatch happens. the Hatchimal makes sounds in response to the children. Their eyes change colors based on their mood and when users place their hand on the bottom of the unhatched egg, they can hear its heartbeat through the speaker. It even shivers when it's cold. No, I'm not kidding.

Want one?

The "best" option I've found is to set up email alerts for when shipments arrive. You can go to Walmart.com to get email notifications. I also called the Toys R Us in Meridian and they sold out as soon as they got the shipment. They, too, recommend email updates.

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