We get so inundated with continuous negative news stories that can bring on this silent depressive attitude. What's that mean? It an overwhelming feeling that over time just brings you down and you don't even know it's happening. I remember reading about the 911 attacks aftermath and how kids couldn't process that the news was rerunning the attacks. In a child's mind, it was happening over and over again. We can potentially traumatize children if we're not attentive to what we're watching. File that important tip away.

Do you ever go have dinner and post about how AMAZING the service was? We typically aren't wired like that because customers are more likely to post about how BAD the service was. We gravitate towards train wrecks, tragedy, and confrontation. That's a fact. Was the Jersey Shore that great of a show?

I wanted to tell you about an amazing woman that brought a gift the other day. Miranda was one of our Rihanna Fenty Beauty gifts and came in to pick up her prize. She asked to speak with me and brought in another gift with her.

A listeners makes these for Kekeluv and his son.
A listener makes these for Kekeluv and his son.

I was greeted with a big smile and a very thoughtful gift. Miranda (Kissmas winner) made these little holiday pins and a special surprise for our son Lennox. Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas is his favorite movie and that's who he was for Halloween.

Halloween Night_15

Miranda mentioned to me that she loves to crochet during our conversation on-air. I had no Idea that she would turn around a Jack Skellington beenie for Lennox and a special one for me. She didn't expect anything. She didn't ask for anything. Miranda didn't even expect to see me that day. This great person did it because she wanted to make us smile and that goes unnoticed today. I told her I was going to take a picture and post it and she said, "No no no, that's not why I didn't it. I didn't expect any kind of post. I just knew he loved Jack and hoped he would enjoy it."

I didn't even notice till I got home that she designed Jack in the actual beenie. Miranda if you're reading this - that was our son's highlight of the evening and he loves it! Thanks to you for caring enough to notice other people. It's important that we take a few seconds to recognize good gestures when the happen. We've forgotten about the nice people because all we hear about is the bad stuff. Miranda, you are GREAT! Thank you so much for giving us a chance and listening each day. Thanks for giving humanity hope and if that seems to over the top, is it?

We don't say it enough but THANK YOU. So proud to have listeners like you. Here's another photo of us in our new Jack Skellington beenies.


kekeluv and lennox

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