Want to know what this is? This is the reaction of someone who has to take a driver's test for the first time SINCE SHE WAS SIXTEEN! Help! I would love your tips, your warnings, and even your horror stories. 

Since I moved here from out of state, it's required that I take the written Idaho Driver License test. Let's not talk about how long ago I moved here (because I don't want to get friendly with the Boise PD).

The real issue is the fact that I have been driving for years and now have to take a written test I haven't taken since the time I spent my weekends at the mall.

People keep saying, "Oh, it will be easy because you know all the signs and the laws after driving this long." Others are telling me, "If you hit livestock, you have to buy it." and "Study hard because you've stopped paying attention to everything you'll have to know during the test."

I don't know what to believe. I know that I'll be taking THIS about 800 times before I go.

In the meantime, will you just spill it? Tell me everything. What was your experience? What should I plan for?

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