If you haven't heard about the decline in the bee population, you've been living under a rock! The population has actually been declining since World War II and beekeepers, scientists, and environmentalists alike continue to notice a decline in the population of honeybee colonies. The decline in these crucial little creatures seems to stem from industrial agriculture, parasites, pesticides, and climate change. In other words, leave it to us humans to mess with things a little too much once again...and here we are trying to repair the damage.

Believe what you wish, bees are important for several reasons to our ecosystem but most importantly, these little creatures fly around and POLLINATE. A world without pollination would be devastating to food production as we know it-- about one third of the food we consume requires natural pollination.

So what can we do? Well, we can take steps to be more green, encourage our businesses and corporations to see the importance of this, and we can even start right in our own backyard by giving these bees their own little habitat in your back yard! In the spirit of taking these action steps, Cheerios has announced they'll send you 00 Wildflower seeds for free, to arrive in 4-6 weeks to help YOU do your part! the commitment isn't just on you, however, they've also promised to work these wildflowers into over 3,000 acres of their own farms.

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