Looking for one of those awe feel good stories that give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside? Well, here you go. The West Valley Humane Society is looking for donations of chairs that are no longer needed but still have life left in them. The chairs will be put in kennels of dog's to give them a little taste of home before they find a permanent one.

We're needing chairs that have legs that have some space below so that we can still clean under them. We'd like to start with 25 chairs to begin with to give it a try and if it is a success, we'll put out a call as we need replacements. 

There are some requirements the chairs must meet. Unfortunately no recliners or rocking chairs as they are too bulky to move within the kennels. The kennel doors measure 22 inches. If you have a chair that you think would work message the West Valley Humane Society on Facebook.

The West Valley Animal Shelter is a nonprofit organization that provides services for animals including adoption.


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