If you've driven along the connector on I-84 anytime in the past couple of weeks, you already know exactly what "odor" we're referring to.

It smells like a mix between a backed-up sewer and sour milk and that's because it technically is. The Idaho Statesman reports that the horrific odor is coming from the Darigold plant that sits just south of the Connector near Emerald Street.

"The odor came from something overwhelming the wastewater treatment plant at Darigold, essentially causing the system to break down." DEQ officials said in an interview with the Statesman. "Typically, Darigold would discharge treated wastewater from its milk processing into the city sewer system. Because something was thrown off, the discharged wastewater smelled more than normal."

I don't know about you but whenever I make my daily commute into downtown, I try to hold my breath for as long as I can. The smell is pretty unbearable. It's also something we should try and get used to - at least for a little while. According to Valerie Greear, engineering manager at the DEQ’s Boise regional office, it could take weeks for the system to start working properly again which means that the sewage sour milk smell is here to linger.

"Does Boise, Idaho smell?" is actually one of the most google questions regarding Boise. Although I've never been able to find a concrete answer to what the internet's opinion is on that, personally, I don't think so! Well, at least on the days when the Darigold plant isn't experiencing "wastewater issues."

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