Did you hear that loud cheering when Boise dropped the mask mandate? It felt as If I was down the street from Albertson's stadium when the Broncos score a touchdown. I could see people at the radio station putting their masks in the nearest trash bin. Employees slam dunking their masks is more of an accurate account of what I was witnessing. I was compelled to do the same and then I thought... I'm going to hang on to this just in case I need this mask to walk into certain businesses. I'm glad I did because according to ktvb the following national retailers will continue to require masks:


In a statement Thursday night, the Minneapolis-based company said it "will continue to require all of our coronavirus safety measures in all stores, including masks and social distancing" while the company reviews the guidance from the CDC.


A representative for Starbucks told CNN they plan to keep their policy mandating customers and employees wear masks.


A CVS spokesperson said in a statement that the company is "currently reevaluating its position on masks given the CDC's new guidance." The company said until that evaluation is complete, its existing policies on face masks will remain in effect. "

On the other hand Costco is going along with local mandates, customers will no longer be required to wear masks at the Boise, Meridian or Nampa locations.

Trader Joe's was quick to remove their mask mandate and are open for business regardless of whether patrons want to wear a mask or not.

Do you think all businesses should remove their mask mandates for those who have been vaccinated or for everyone?


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