It's never ok to drink and drive.

It's stupid, selfish, puts others in danger, and will definitely get you in a heap of trouble. Even when you're a powerful politician.

Over the weekend, Danial Elmore Knopp, mayor or Brighton, Utah, was arrested for driving while intoxicated in Idaho. You're not going to believe this from a politician, but Knopp declined to comment.

Here's the best part: He was arrested because a deputy noticed plenty of snow piled up on the windows of Knopp's vehicle. He then of course started driving like a drunken fool, which led to his capture.

Knopp then failed field sobriety tests, and blew a 0.207% blood-alcohol level. The legal limit is 0.08%. Yup, the trusty politician was over two times the legal limit for drinking and driving.

At least we can have a happy holiday knowing this dangerous doofus from Utah is off the roads. For now.

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