With the recent governor elections in Idaho, it got us thinking:

How much does Gov. Brad Little make each year?

And more importantly, how does that salary compare to other state employees?




What is Brad Little’s salary?

Little currently has a salary of $138,302, although this may increase next year to $151,400.

According to the Council of State Governments, compared to the other governors across the United States, this salary ranks 29th.


How many public officials in Idaho make more money than Little? 

One might assume that the governor would have one of the higher salaries among state employees.

However, there are currently more than 400 public officials that have a higher salary than Little. 

This number has grown steadily over the years and includes a variety of different occupations, such as agency heads, Supreme Court Justices and doctors. 

But the truly surprising fact is that many of the top earners are actually found at Idaho universities.


Who are the top earners?

Continue reading to discover who the Top 10 highest paid state employees are, from all funds. 

This list may very well shock you.

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