This Tuesday, Idahoans all over the state voted for candidates in the primary election for governor. 

As you are probably aware, Brad Little won Idaho’s 2022 GOP, triumphing over far-right Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin. 




McGeachin was endorsed by Trump, yet she lost by 20.4 percentage points. 

According to the Idaho Statesman, this is the “largest margin of defeat for a candidate with a former president’s backing.”


How are Idahoans reacting?

Although many locals have expressed contempt for Little over the years, the overwhelming majority of Idahoans came together this week and agreed on one thing:

We did NOT want McGeachin for Governor, or her radical right-wing ideals.

[Cue: photograph of her holding a gun and bible, with an American flag.]


So, how did everyone react when Little won this race a few days ago?

They did what they do best – they turned to Twitter and hilariously expressed their blunt and honest feelings.

Continue reading to see some of our favorite reactions:









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