There are very few people more proud of their home than those who live in Idaho--and especially, here in the Treasure Valley.

From time to time (these days it feels more often than not), Idaho will make national headlines. Usually, it is for something political, ridiculous, or viral. But did you know that Idaho has, many times, been front and center in some of television and the big screen's biggest productions?

You may need to be a little "old school" to remember this one--but it's definitely a goodie.

In 1960, Season 1 of the iconic All-American television show, 'The Andy Griffith Show' was released. Even if you don't know the show which features Andy Griffith and a very, very young Ron Howard--odds are you can recognize the signature theme song featuring a whistling melody.

The show, which takes place in the town of "Mayberry" is really a midwestern town--however, for whatever reason early on, Idaho is seen in the police station where Andy Griffith and his sidekick Barney work.

Let's take a look at The Andy Griffith Show's tie to Idaho!

Vintage TV Mistake Leaves Idahoans Confused

Do you remember the All-American show, 'The Andy Griffith Show'? Did you know that in their first season, they got it all wrong about Idaho??

How do you feel about this mistake? 

It may well have been intentional--as a little sense of humor. Or, perhaps,

Did you know that Boise has made the cut on well-known television shows many times? 

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