Oh, Idaho--it never stops. What's not to love about this place? We have some of the greatest wilderness, literally, on the planet. Our people (for the most part) are very kind, and we have arguably the most unique access to "all of it" in the entire nation.

Yet somehow, amid all of this, people love to laugh at Idaho--if they can even tell the difference between us and Iowa, on a map.

Whether something ridiculous is said in a political setting (seems that this happens all of the time in Idaho) or something totally random happens, like a guy chugging Ocean Spray on a longboard along the freeway, the internet always finds Idaho.

This week, Idaho is finding the internet.

We're laughing at ourselves and others are laughing at us. Oh, Idaho.

An Idaho TikTok user put together the type of 'Idaho person' you'll meet in some of the state's most popular towns--let's take a look: 

The People of Idaho According to Hometown

Oh, stereotypes--how we have the most fascinating love/hate relationship. If each of these Idaho towns had one, what would it be?

Do you think that any of these things are true? 

We aren't entirely sure that Boise residents can be labeled as "hipsters", although compared to the rest of the state--we may see that this user has a point.

Already on TikTok was one Idahoan who labeled Idaho towns by the types of cars they would be--it was funny! Check it out below! 

If Idaho Cities Were Cars, What Would They Be?

We absolutely love it when the internet shines a little light on Idaho. Many people, it seems, can tend to forget that we exist and when we are acknowledged, it seems that there is always an entertaining insight into just WHAT exactly the outsiders think of the place we call home.
A video that is posted up on TikTok has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of users and we have to admit--this feels pretty spot on.

Boise Traffic Incident Captured on Video Goes Viral

On Friday, May 20th, a video was posted online from a busy Boise street. The video showed a totally insane incident which involved one woman stopping down traffic and straight up screaming at vehicles that she forcibly stopped.
We don't know the contest of this video--only that one individual captured it on film.

Check out this incident and see the full video for yourself, below:

Idaho's Viral Traffic Sign Typo

What was going on over in Star, Idaho?

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