I just received a text from my wife about the City of Rocks defacing and she was pretty upset. The City of Rocks is a historic National Reserve that brings in people from all over the world.

Pioneers traveled these roads and I have a ton of photos of the grease they used to document life back in the 1840s.

That changed over the weekend as someone vandalized a landmark called Camp Rock. I've been through these rocks and some of the stuff written is amazing. It's even crazier that it still exists almost 200 years later. That was taken over the weekend when someone decided to deface it and post-graffiti. It takes a pretty drive to get all the way back to the entrance and depending on the roads could take some time. That means someone had a plan and it already looks like tips are pouring in.

In five minutes they've ruined what has been recognized as nationally significant for over 175 years! - Wallace Keck, City of Rock Park's superintendent.

Looks like they really have a lot of evidence and tips to find the people who vandalized the area. It's sad because you can't just take off that paint. It might ruin what is already there. I'll keep you posted and if you haven't been to the City of Rocks it's beautiful. It's crazy to see all the different license plates from all over the country. People travel to rock climb here. It's awesome.

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