When you're sick what do you do?  Lay on the couch, whine and go buy cold meds at Walgreens.  Not all Idahoans have that luxury.

The second to last night of my Christmas vacation I was sitting at a restaurant called Primanti Brother's, having a beer with a friend of mine.  The weather in Ohio had been all over the place in the week that I was home visiting family.  32º and overcast the day I went to the Browns game to 64º and sunny the day after Christmas so it shouldn't have surprised me that I ended up coming down with a cold.  It felt like I'd swallowed razor blades, like there was a hammer trying to bust through my forehead and I could barely breath.  I ended up bailing on him as soon as we were done eating because I just felt so awful.  By the time I landed in Boise the next day, all I wanted to do was go grab a bottle of Afrin so that I could breathe again...so that's EXACTLY what I did.

Unfortunately, the people staying at Interfaith Sanctuary don't have money readily available to do that for themselves.  That's why the homeless shelter is asking the community to pitch in and help their guests that aren't feeling well.  According to KTVB, the shelter has been hit hard by winter weather and a lot of their guests are suffering from colds and other respiratory conditions.  They're looking for cold medication, cough drop and immune system booster donations.

If you're at a local drug store and want to pick up some extra cold medication to drop off for the guests at the homeless shelter, click HERE to find out how to help!

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