How do Idahobros refer to their friends? My "buddy", "pal", "fella", "dude"? We found some research that gets to the bottom of it.

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"A buddy of mine" seems like something you'd hear pretty regularly, right? "This dude I went to high school with" maybe even more. "Hey pal" seems like you're a fifty year-old guy who is about to go off on a youngster for not respecting your lawn as he walks by. Well, according to the "dude map", Idaho bros refer to their male friends as "pal" more than anything else! Not sure I entirely believe this, but that's what a graphic of counties says so we have to roll with that. Second to that, in Idaho would be "buddy", but all of these words have areas where they're super common.

The word "Bro" seems to be much more common in Texas and some of the lower flyover/midwestern states. "Buddy" seems to OWN the midwest entirely. "Dude" seems to have a big footprint from the south to the southwest to the California coast and to me, this makes perfect sense. "Fella" gets a run for it's money in the Southern states of Mississippi and Alabama for sure and "pal" is pretty much exclusive to Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and parts of Idaho. Who knew, right? I think I mostly will say "hey man" or "A friend of mine" so I guess I'm out on pet names for my bros (maybe I do say bros now that I think about it) altogether. How do you refer to your mates?

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