Ladies, believe it or not some guys really do put a lot of thought into Valentine's Day.  I'm lucky enough to be marrying one of those and I still feel so bad that I ruined his Valentine's Day surprise for me last year.

Ever since the first year that we were dating, going wine tasting on the Sunnyslope has been a Valentine's Day weekend tradition for us as a couple. The first year, I called all the shots and surprised him with which wineries we were visiting.  The second year, I still made the game plan, but he pulled an audible and surprised me with a visit to a winery that wasn't on the original list. We ended up at Zhoo Zhoo/Hells Canyon's adorable tasting room inside an old bed and breakfast.  For the small tasting fee, their pours were very, very generous! Needles to say after stopping through there, Fujishin and Ste. Chapelle, I was buzzed enough to the point where a nap, some food (all we had to eat that day was the chocolates paired with wine) Gatorade would've been a good idea.

Nope! My guy was too amped about his dinner plans.  Apparently he made the reservations months in advance and he wanted it to be such a surprise that he actually blindfolded me for the car ride to the restaurant!  He managed to lock down two seats at State & Lemp's Valentine's Day dinner!

If you've never been to State & Lemp, it's pretty unique.  The dining room is made up of a long table with seating for twelve couples at it.  You sit across the table from your partner, so you are actually closer to the complete stranger on your right or your left.  The dinner was several courses of incredible looking, small plates of food.  Each course came with a different wine pairing and I swear each glass of wine was a full glass, not just a sample.

By the third course, I'm beyond buzzed.  I can feel a wine induced blackout coming and I'm trying to tell Nate, that I want to go home.  He looks at me horrified because he knows we can't do that...and I think it got to the point where I was crying or making a scene.  With how close we were sitting to strangers, I'm sure I was a total embarrassment. But who knows? I was in full wine blackout mode.  I officially ruined Valentine's Day 2016 and I felt SO BAD about it because I know that dinner wasn't cheap.  I never wanted to drink again after that day!

I can't be alone, right?  Someone else out there had to royally ruin Valentine's Day too, right?  Tell me your stories!

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