Forget for back to school supplies, clothes, shoes and everything else requires a healthy paycheck. This year, I started stocking up during the summer but in the end, my total was the average amount we all seem to spend. 

$249 is the total most of us spend on back to school. This includes clothing, shoes, supplies, a backpack, a light jacket and anything else that's necessary. Add in the school pictures that happen not long after the first day and any additional class parties and field trips. What's that? Halloween isn't far off and costumes and classroom parties are planned? Take all my money.

I would like to thank the Village at Meridian for offering me affordable shopping options this year. Instead of just getting it all done at one place and nearly breaking my neck trying to find a coupon, I went to H&M and Marshalls and any other place with a sale.

Knowing that we all have to face the task of back to school shopping, I have to ask: How much did you end up spending?

By the way, this amount is per child. Those of you who have more than one child, we should have put our head together and started a GoFundMe campaign.

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