I remember as a child all my friends wanted to be Police officers. From time to time the community officer would show up to our school and we would all huddle around him then ask the officer to tell us stories of the latest arrests he had made. He would share what I now think are tall tales and then hand us police badge stickers before being on his way.  We thought it was the coolest thing ever to be a cop. As I got older and got my license, my spirited driving got me a lot of interaction with the police and then I became less of a fan. Today I still get a ticket here and there but I've learned to respect and appreciate the difficult job that these public servants have.

If you've ever thought about being a Police officer your opportunity may be knocking as Boise PD has a goal of adding a total 100 additional officers by 2031. While this addition has yet to be approved the first question you may have is... how much does it pay? According to ktvb this is how much officers make in Boise and the surrounding areas.

"Boise police officers make between $49,254 and $67,970 per year. In other large Intermountain West cities, salaries can be nearly equivalent or higher. In Salt Lake City, Utah, officers make between $40,321 and $70,771 per year. In Spokane, Washington, officers start at $55,270, can make $80,513 after five years, and can earn a maximum of $88,406 after 30 years of service".

Boise PD is experiencing challenges hiring new officers “With home prices the way they are and affordable housing being a very real challenge, that is becoming a deterrent — not just for me, but as I talk to my other colleagues in the city, it’s a challenge for the entire city to hire the best candidates to fill the jobs that we need to provide a public service for the community,” Said Police Chief Lee said in the same ktvb interview. The silver lining is that there is more opportunity for us locals who don't necessarily have the expense of moving to take a job with BPD.

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