Boise is a place where we can feel relatively safe right? Sure, crime can happen any time and at any place but Boise and for the most part the entire Treasure Valley benefits from a lower crime rate than it's peer cities. So it kinda sent a chill down my spine when I read a article from KTVB that reported a peeping tom had been arrested in a Boise neighborhood. 

KTVB Reports: A man police say peered in several windows Thursday night, unnerving residents, has been arrested.

Gregory Moseley, 35, is facing felony charges of drug possession and destruction of evidence, as well as a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace.

Uh, creepy. I have a wife and a daughter on a first floor apartment. The though of a peeping tom lurking around my home sends chills down my spine. The report says that there were at least four calls to the Boise Police Department. Two residents were watching TV when the suspect rang the doorbell and said "I've been watching you through the window, I want to be friends." Is that creepy enough for you?

So after doing some research, I've found a few tips that could help you prevent a peeping tom from watching you (or your family) without your knowledge. Some of these suggestions were inspired from

Tip Number 1

Cover your windows with a heave curtain. You can even find light blocking curtains for cheap at Wal-Mart or Big Lots.

Tip Number 2

Check and make sure all of your exterior doors have working locks. You can install one-inch deadbolt locks on all outside doors.

Tip Number 3

Install motion sensing lights around your house.

Tip Number 4

Keep an eye out for any unusual people or activity in your neighborhood.

Tip Number 5 

Call the police immediately if you suspect someone is harassing you.


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