The key to a secret is to NOT tell anyone. I have video of a very frustrated then girlfriend and now wife because I KEEP my secrets. This is what's happening across the city.


The key to a secret is to zip it up! I just took a poll, and I'm stopping mid-sentence after getting a quote from that conversation.

It's not a SECRET if two people know about it.

I just took an office poll, and the numbers were undeniable. Five out of five ALWAYS tell someone else with a unique disclaimer, "I have some to tell you, but you CAN'T say ANYONE, or I'm dead." The what happens, they spill. Go ahead and ask the person sitting next to you or self-reflect. BUSTED.

This is no different from the Secret Sound contest that we're running on 103.5 Kissfm. My wife wants to know, and before marriage, I have great video as my girlfriend that she STILL wanted to know. This is the one contest that can drive you insane.

How Does Secret Sound Work? We play a sound, and you guess what it is. Simple. Win the prize if you're right and we add more money to the jackpot if you're wrong. In this case, we're giving away a trip to see Bruno Mars in Las Vegas with around $500 right now and going up. The most frustrating part is KNOWING the answer, but not being able to get through on the phones. The longer this contest goes, the bigger amount increases, the more stressed our listeners get.

I'll list a few links with information on the Secret Sound if you want to play including previous guesses. Make sure you're enrolled in Friends with Benefits club for all the Kissclusives. The first round of the Secret Sound will end when someone guesses right. That will be immediately followed up by another grand prize and jackpot to shop with. I would suggest working in teams so you have better chances to take home the big one! Good Luck!

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