The Secret Sound is back with a twist! Get the details on the 103.5 Kissfm contest that will drive you crazy! The rules are simple, you don't need a game piece, and anyone can play.

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Let's Start with what's Most Important About the Secret Sound

Bruno Mars! We usually start the Secret Sound with a small amount of cash and after each missed guess the jackpot increases. Previous winners have taken home over $2500 for guessing a little sound. This year we're adding something different. We kicked off the contest with a trip to see Bruno Mars in Las Vegas. The first wrong guess put $25 dollars in the gambling and shopping jackpot. Expect this amount to reach over $1000 by weekend. This is one contest that I would mess around and miss. If you guess right - you win EVERYTHING!

How to Win

I've listed the sound below so you can listen on repeat. We play it once on the air and take the 9th caller to guess at the following times:

Mornings with Cruise & Box: 7:10, 9:10

Middays with Michelle Heart: 10:10, 12:10

Afternoons with Kekeluv: 3:10, 4:10, 5:10

Nights with Mateo: 7:10

Guess it right and you win the trip for two, hotel, air, and concert tickets. You will also get to take the money jackpot that will continue to increase after every failed attempt.

You can get more details HERE.

What happens if someone wins? Great question! We start it all over again with another trip and cash. I'll even post up a poll and let you choose what you wan!

Ready? Make sure to post some suggestions below because we will choose from it, watch the video below, and follow us on social media for additional hints. Good luck!

Want to see the previous guesses? Just follow the link below!

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