It's Pride Month in Boise, where we celebrate all the amazing LGBTQIA+ Boisians who make the City of Trees such a diverse and amazing place to live!

That is, of course, unless you're offended by rainbows. Or, even worse, a man in a dress. In which case, boy oh boy is this month going to be fun for you.

If you hate all things pride and LGBT (even just having to say those four letters makes you irate), remember that this is America. You're free to jump on the social media platform of your choice and comment on as many posts as you like with things such as:

  • theer's only two gendurs!
  • mah gawd doesn't love gay peepople
  • stop chewsing to be gay!

...or take your pick of whatever ridiculous, third-grade-level statement tickles your fancy at that time.


If you think you're being out of line, don't worry. Don't you see people comment things like "Why are you posting photos of your son's baseball game? Baseball is a dumb sport. This is America and we only like football here!"

Oh. You don't see things like that? Of course you don't. Think about how bored, sad tactless someone would have to be to post something like that on the internet. I mean, can you even imagine?


If you haven't picked up on it by now, we're trying to point out how silly it is to waste time on the internet telling others about things you don't like. Life is short. Share positivity with one another.


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