If you ask literally any person in Idaho "Hey, how do you feel about gender-neutral bathrooms," you're gonna have a bad time.

It's one of those topics that folks simply cannot find a middle ground on, and it continues to be an argument today.

But what about gender-neutral restaurants in Idaho?

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First of all, what does it even mean to be "gender-neutral?" Let's go with this:

The term ‘gender-neutral’ means that something is not associated with either women or men. It may refer to various aspects such as concepts or style of language. However, what is often perceived to be gender-neutral, including in areas of statistics or dissemination of data collected in reference to a population, often reflects gender blindness in practice (a failure to recognize gender specificities).

Ergo, a "gender-neutral restaurant" in Idaho would mean that anyone, man, woman, transgender, non-binary and otherwise would be able to walk in like any other customer, sit down, and order a meal.

It may sound crazy, but some restaurants in Idaho are already gender-neutral. That's right, as soon as you're done reading this article, you can stroll into your favorite local place to eat, and you don't even need to prove your gender to anyone. You can simply walk in, and eat! It doesn't even matter what's going on in your pants, and frankly, if someone asks, that's weird as hell.

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