A ton of people I follow on Instagram were posting these really cool #2015bestnine collages of their most like posts of the year and it was driving me crazy because I didn't know how! Well, with a little google searching I found out it's easier to make one of these than I thought!


Based off of the number of likes my photos got in 2015, hanging out by my pool, 4th of July in McCall, losing 22 pounds with Idaho Fat Loss, Lennox visiting Keke at Live for 175, Luke Bryan at Taco Bell Arena, baking and the Minions Movie were the highlights of my year.

I think it's funny how different I thought my personal highlights of 2015 were! If you'd asked me I would've told you finding a boyfriend, finishing three half marathons and one full, and meeting Matt Nathanson TWICE were the best parts of my year.

Now it's your turn! To make your own collage of your nine most liked photos of 2015 just click HERE! The web app will ask you to enter your Instagram ID.  Click "GET" and in just a few minutes you'll have a collage of your very own to recap 2015!

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