Pictured above: a cat that will never see a day at the Idaho Humane Society. Yes, that's my sweet Piccolo cat and admittedly, it's her world...I'm just living in it. While the work at the Idaho Humane Society is great, this little feline won't ever be leaving the safety and protection of her air conditioned home and unfortunately, not all cats can have that same privilege.

Just last week, a pretty crazy animal hoarding case came out right here in Boise--in which, 60 (yes, SIXTY) cats were rescued from one house and many were pregnant. The number of cats is currently at 70, and counting.

With the Idaho Humane Society rescue facility already full of cats, these poor little felines aren't helping the case. Fortunately, the humane society still took them in.

Locally owned and operated Zamzow's has stepped up to donate 1,600 pounds of cat food to this large group of neglected cats and as the criminal investigation continues, officials hope to soon be able to make some of these little cats available for adoption.

More on the full story, HERE.

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