The internet is a beautiful, magical and strange place.

So much can be found on the internet: an abundance of information, connectivity with people near and far, and (unfortunately) a fair amount of drama and conflict between users.

We’re not sure if it’s the anonymity of being behind a keyboard that fuels such conflicts and disagreements, but either way, these interactions tend to be common.



Just a few days ago, the Idaho Humane Society posted on Facebook about a rattler snake discovered outside of a home in Boise.


Our initial reaction was to write an article about this, to inform citizens that they should be aware of these snakes lingering around homes – particularly for families with small children and pets.

However, once we inspected the post further, our jaws simply dropped.

This post currently has over one thousand reactions, nearly one hundred shares, and more than three hundred comments. 


Why are so many people commenting, you might ask?

Y’all. You just freaking wait.

Some people were worried, as their own homes are located near where the photograph was taken:

“Yikes, that’s close to where I live!” - Vicki G.


Some people were furious that the snake was removed, as it was in its natural habitat and humans encroached on its space:

“Snakes are a vital part of our ecosystem. With the amount of land being demolished and turned into homes, why do they and other species of animals have to suffer at the hands of humanity?” - Kala E.


Others agreed that, although the snake might have been there first, they still wouldn’t want it near their home:

“Close to the house though, and I wouldn’t want my dogs getting bit. At any rate, it was moved to where it could thrive.” - Julie.


And a few others actually reprimanded the Idaho Humane Society for how they worded their post, saying that they disagreed with how they expressed a disgust for snakes:

“As a representative of The Humane Society, shouldn’t your stance on all animals be the same? Shouldn’t each valuable part of the ecosystem matter? [...] Mindset does matter, and passing fear or negative emotions is the opposite of education.” - Amanda A.


All we can say is that we did not expect that rollercoaster of emotions when we initially saw the post, and it certainly gave us a lot to think about.

But there’s your daily dose of Boise tea...

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