Over the weekend, we learned a valuable lesson. In the day and age of the coronavirus, it's darn near impossible to do something fun on a whim. That's why we're giving you plenty of time to plan ahead for this once-in-a-lifetime summer adventure! 

I know that for the next four months I'll be trying to convince my non-athletic husband that can totally handle this six mile pedal adventure. Located about four hours from Boise in Joseph, OR, the Bigfoot Hunt is just one of the unique rail bike experiences that Joseph Branch Railriders gives guests during their regular season.

Not familiar with what a rail bike is? They look a bike like the recumbent bikes that you occasionally see people ride on the greenbelt, but are modified into a two or four person cart with rubber wheels that help guide them along rail road tracks that have been abandoned. Normally, the rides take you through gorgeous mountain landscapes, through canyons and along rivers giving you some pretty breathtaking views.

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This adventure is a little bit different! According to Joseph Branch Railriders, Oregon is one of the top eight locations for Bigfoot sightings in the United States and this after dark ride happens at a primetime for potential encounter! During the first three miles of your hunt, your railrider is linked to a train (so you don't have to do all of the pedaling) and gives you the opportunity to learn more about the legend of bigfoot from Professor Bravehart, their in-house bigfoot expert.

Halfway through, they'll disconnect your cart and turn it around for your return trip to Joseph. During that break, you'll have get to stargaze for 10 minutes before embarking on the rest of the hunt with just you and the companions you brought with you!

The ride is primarily headlight lit, crosses the Wallowa River and rolls into a dense pine forest for just the right amount of spooky fun! They offer the ride seven times throughout the season: twice in July, twice in August, twice in September and once in October.

Not sure if you want your first rail bike ride to happen at night? You have plenty of opportunities to try a daytime rail bike ride during Joseph Branch Railriders' regular season that begins on May 1! Those adventures are a little longer and you can choose your view: Valley Sights, a canyon twist taking you from Minam to the Wallowa River Bank or a river escape that takes you from Minam to the Grande Ronde River confluence.

Want to add a rail biking road trip to your summer bucket list? They're now pre-booking rides for their 2021 season online!

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