Life in Boise is usually pretty quite. In comparison to living in Portland, it's silent. Sure things can happen anywhere and at anytime, but for the most part, we don't see the level of craziness other larger cities are accustom to. That's why when I saw what I saw while driving into work on Monday, my jaw dropped.

As I pulled up to the stop light off State Street and Veterans Memorial Highway, I saw two grown men fighting. Before I started recording, they were literally coming to blows.  I had my three year old daughter in the back seat so I was cautious when I rolled my window down.

Apparently, it was an issue between a mentally disabled gentleman and his care taker. The man who was claiming to be the caretaker was stressing to me that the other man was violent and asked if I could call the police. As the light turned green, I called Boise Police and continued on my way to work. It was just strange and disturbing to see that kind of violence on the streets of Boise.

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