Near disaster struck in the Treasure Valley just a day ago, as a light dusting of snow fell on the valley floor. Just two weeks into November and Idahoans are already feeling the wrath of winter, with temperatures dropping and the scent of Christmas already in the air.

One wouldn't need to go far to hear two Boise residents partaking in casual banter about the weather conditions. We're certain you heard a conversation that included quotes reminiscent of:

Gosh can you believe it's already snowing?


And perhaps the even more prominent rhetorical question:


I guess we just skipped fall, huh?


While very little snow stuck around on the ground during the early November blizzard, cold temperatures and the general moisture on local streets and thoroughfares did lead to slippery road conditions, however. Cold, sick roads never result in a fun evening commute--no matter how much it sparks the average Idahoan to point out Global Warming can't be real under these conditions.

It was cold and icy on Tuesday night--but by Wednesday morning, residents all across the Treasure Valley were waking up fluffy white snow covering everything--and it wasn't stopping.


Despite the valiant efforts of the Idaho Transportation Department, Ada County Highway District, and many branches of the police force, some Boise residents didn't need any help at all.

In fact, during the still of the evening, Boise men who drive large trucks with lift kits could be heard all around the city shrugging off the ice, reminding those around them that they do indeed have 4-wheel drive.

30 crashes? 30 slide offs? Certainly none of them had big wheels and four wheel drive!

Can you, like us, recall hearing this today as well? Oh, Idaho.

No matter how slick the roads are, we want to remind the public that no amount of 4-wheel drive will keep them from sliding into a barrier, building, or worse: another vehicle or pedestrian. Drive safe. 

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