On the afternoon of Monday, July 31st--Lori Vallow Daybell was sentenced to life in prison following a long and graphic trial that shocked the entire globe.

The morning began by victims of the crimes reading their statements--family and acquaintances read long and emotional statements addressed to the court and to Lori, sharing just how hurtful all of this has been and how ruthless the murders of her innocent children was. Victims shared that the children, JJ and Tylee were loved--and still are.

  After returning from recess--the most shocking part of the sentencing took place. For the first time, Lori Vallow spoke in court--at length. Vallow gave a long statement about her faith--and claims that nobody but Jesus Christ understands or will understand what happened. Vallow continued to explain that she knows what heaven is like, that she has been there and has been visited by JJ and Tylee who have told her that she has done nothing wrong--that they are happy in heaven. Maximum sentences were given on all charges, which are outlined below:    


View the entire sentencing from the YouTube video, below:

Internet Shocked by This New Lori Vallow Footage

As if this trial hasn't been enough--new footage obtained by media outlets now shows Lori and Chad being served by a pool--with no cares in the world.

Larry Woodcock: A Bright Spot in Lori Vallow's Trial

It's difficult to see much good in the Lori Vallow trial and story--but meet Larry Woodcock, J.J. Vallow's grandfather and the 'heartstrings' of the case

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