When I was in college at Gonzaga University, I signed up for a 1-credit yoga class with a few of my friends. I needed a credit and I figured it would be easy.  Needless to say, all 5 of us guys were neither flexible nor yoga experts but come the end of the semester, I learned I really enjoyed it.  A whole semester of yoga and no, I didn't get any better at it--but having that hour in the evening before rushing off to work to focus on relaxing really made a noticeable difference in my day to day life.

Ever since then, I told myself I would try and do more yoga.  Of course, that hasn't happened and my mat is rolled up in the corner of my closet.  One of my 2017 challenges is to LEAVE my comfort zone, so this weekend I went to a yoga class BY MYSELF (this is a big deal for me!) and despite still being awful at it, I've finally broken down that wall of being terrified to go to a class alone and hopefully, can make going more often a new habit.

What goals have you set for yourself in 2017? Have you achieved any yet?


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