There's a warning note on the side of cold medicine for a reason. It's for that reason that I've had to start going to a different store to buy anything like this for myself. 

This cold and flu season has been tearing through our house since December. I can't remember the last time I could breathe through my nose, sleep through the night, not cough and stay awake all day. The thought sounds like a dream right now.

This cold is like something I've never experienced before. It comes with some sort of steroids or something because it doesn't go away and just a couple days on medicine doesn't seem to do the trick.

You're thinking to yourself: Why doesn't she go to the doctor?

It's something that needs to work it's way through the system. It's not bronchitis, it's not pneumonia and it's not the flu.

The best thing I've found to help me is Alka Seltzer Cold & Cough. The thing about this stuff is that it's helping everyone else who is around me and sick. I have gone to the store just about every other day to buy this stuff.

Why am I seen as a drug dealer? I have been to the store every other day to buy cold medicine and I have to show my ID every single time I buy it. Now I'm in the system. On top of that, I've asked the people who work at said store about the parental notification on the side and why it's there. I thought it was because people use cold medicine for drugs but I had my drugs mixed up. Honest mistake.

Now I'm the girl who awkwardly asks a lot of questions about the uses of Alka Seltzer and comes in a few times a week to get it.


I have to shop elsewhere. I don't want a reputation.

Do you avoid a place for any certain reason? i.e. they think you're a drug dealer.

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