I've made it no secret for the last month I've been on a "Keto" diet. I like to think the last month has been relatively easy because when it comes down to it, I'm mostly in a "food controlled" environment. What I mean by this is that I meal prep for work or my wife cooks dinner in the evening. The temptations are limited! That was until... cue fourth of July weekend. I was lucky enough to spend the last four days in beautiful McCall, Idaho. If you have yet to visit places like The Pancake House or My Fathers place, what are you waiting for!? Those spots alone make the drive worth it. Long story short, I spent a majority of my time in McCall salivating over food I couldn't eat. When I got home today, I practically begged my wife to whip up a batch of low carb ice cream... and to double the recipe at that! This delicious Keto friendly treat is made with very few ingredients and has a "gelato" like texture. I almost prefer it to real ice cream! I'm dropping the link to this video recipe below. Whether you are on a diet like me or not, I guarantee you are going to fall in love with this easy-to-make summer treat.

What are your favorite guilt-free deserts? I'm all ears!!
Check out the video to make low carb ice cream here:

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