The shorter darker days of winter can start to mess with your mind. The thought of packing up the family and driving hours to the nearest ski resort not named Bogus can be enough to keep you indoors. Luckily there's an alternative!

Gateway Park located inside Eagle Island State Park. There you will find a world-class terrain park where you can go tubing, snowboard or ski. It's great for the whole family! I brought my two 1/2-year-old last weekend for her first time tubing.  I love the tubing conveyor belt that quickly brought us to the top. Riding down the hill was exhilarating. My daughter loved it.
Girls (6-7) (12-13) sliding down snowy slope on inner tube, low angle view
Steve Mason, ThinkStock
 Tickets for a two-hour session are just $15.  That gets you access to the skiing and snowboarding are AND includes a tube if you want to hit the tubing hill after your runs.
Just remember to bring $5 with you to park at Eagle Island State Park. (Parking is free if you have an Idaho State Parks Passport.)

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