If you know me personally, it's very obvious I have the attention span of a 6th grader at times. I can't help it, I get bored easily! This is part of the reason I've never pushed myself to do things like meditation or yoga, though many express its powerful benefits. Recently, my wife dragged me to a Hot Yoga class- "Essential Hot Yoga" in Boise to be exact. Being this was not only my first yoga experience, but that it was HOT yoga... I had no idea what to expect. I dressed in sweatpants and thought I'd be "ooing" and "awwing" or whatever it is Yogi's do. Though there was some of that- I actually found myself enjoying it. Hot yoga is an intense practice, and because it's so hot it really forces you to focus on your breathing. Breathing exercises have proved beneficial to me throughout my life, and in combination with the workout it was very therapeutic. I was dripping wet by the end of the session, and they even gave us cold towels infused with lavender. I don't know if I'll be busting out a "downward dog" or a "warrior pose" on a regular basis, but I'm also not against incorporating it into my life here and there. After giving Hot Yoga a shot I can see why so many people here in Boise love it

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