What's that thing they say about Murphy's Law? Whenever something bad can go wrong it most likely will. That's exactly what happened moments before I went up in front of thousands to introduce Robin Thicke.

First I need to point out. I'm actually a HUGE fan of Robin Thicke's talent. I think he has one of the best voices in entertainment. I listened to him before the hit single Blurred Lines became one of the biggest songs on the world. I even flew down to Las Vegas, rented a Ferrari for the night and saw him preform of the Cosmopolitan. So when I found out that I would be one of the personalities to bring him on-stage. I was smitten.

The festival as a whole was a very enjoyable experience. I watched the other bands and performers knowing that the moment of introducing Robin Thicke was inching closer and closer. When the last act wrapped up I was informed by the stage manager that the show was running behind and I would have to be quick. I stood by side stage and started to ramp myself up. I could see thousands of people waiting to see Robin. For some reason (and I've never done this before) I started jumping and stretching to loosen up. I went into a deep lunge and then I heard it. The leg of my shorts ripped wide open. From crotch to leg, it was all out there. As soon as I stood up they handed me the mike and told me it was time to go on.

So I walked out there, with it all showing. Thank goodness, it was a Hanes day. Not lost in the moment I pointed out to the crowd that my pants ripped. Even Robin mentioned it when I met him.

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