It's fair to say that the Boise internet is experiencing a bit of an online 'earthquake' today, as news broke via social media that a local favorite donut shop will be leaving its iconic corner.

If you grew up in Boise and have never been there--we'd be shocked to hear it. We're sure, however, at the very least, that you've driven by the Treasure Valley landmark.

We're talking about DK Donuts-- a locally owned and operated donut shop that has been a place for tasty treats and home of many local Boise memories for years!

Who doesn't love a delicious visit to Boise's own: DK Donuts!?

A Look Back at Boise's Beloved DK Donuts

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Wouldn't you like to try one of their many delicious treats! 

As you saw above, news broke--and quickly spread--that DK Donuts would be no more on their popular and iconic corner of State and 13th near downtown Boise.

According to many locals, ownership has shared that Nampa is where they will be headed, after a search for a new Boise location has turned up less than successful. Folks trying to visit DK Donuts on Monday, April 8th, were met with a 'Closed' sign on the door.

We reached out several times via phone to DK Donuts this afternoon, Monday, April 8th, and did not hear back from the business. As Nampa plans become more public, we will share those with you! 

Did you know that Nampa is already home to a famous donut destination!?

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