This shouldn't come as a surprise, but Idaho is among the best (and has been listed so) when it comes to states with outdoor activities.  It's funny that, over the weekend, a friend of mine asked someone if they "loved outdoorsy stuff" and when their response was no, he said "then you won't like Boise".

I have to disagree here. One luxury of Boise and the surrounding area is, we're about 30 minutes from anything. Rafting,Camping, night clubs, wineries, and so on.

According to a study from Mighty Goods, Idaho is the third best state to live in if you love the outdoors!

Ahead of Idaho are Wyoming and Montana. If you can believe it, we're ranking above Alaska which came in fourth place! Everything from consumer spending on recreational gear to the number of trails, running clubs, bike shops, and outdoor participation rates were taken into account when states were ranked.

For the full list of rankings and explained methodology, click HERE.

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