Idaho is known for a lot of things… the food, the high housing costs, and of course, celebrities. Now, there is a new tool that people can use to look up cities that have had their names replaced by their “most Wikipedia’ed” resident. To clarify, the tool says it’s for “people born in, lived in, or connected to a place.”

The tool features an entire map of the U.S. with every city name replaced by the person who meets the aforementioned criteria.

The Pudding/
The Pudding/

A neat feature of this map is how it allows you to zoom in and see which smaller towns are getting recognition for their respective “Wiki-Celeb.” Can we call them that? Or just celebrities? Either way, let’s dive into the notable (and obvious) mentions. Can you guess who is representing Boise on the map? You can see the most notable finds we made below and the map to explore here.

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