Leadership is a skill that not everyone is great at. Have you ever worked for someone that simply didn't get how to lead? Maybe you were on a sports team and the leader just didn't get it. We've all had these experiences and when you're on a "team" of any sort, LEADERSHIP is crucial. The fact of the matter is, not everyone is cut out for leadership and that's ok--truly. Companies, teams, and organizations alike want leaders that are cut out for it.

How are leaders formed? Experience is a huge aspect of this. That's why the Idaho Department of Education is looking to give that experience to students right here in the State of Idaho. I absolutely love the opportunity being presented to Idaho students and what a great way to get involved and learn leadership at a young,

State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Sherri Ybarra, has announced that she is looking for twelve Idaho students to serve terms on what is being called the "Youth Advisory Council".  The goal is to incorporate the voices of students in Idaho into real decisions and conversations being had about education in our state.

Students from all areas of Idaho and of all ages (grades 2-11) are welcome to apply,

While meetings will be held in Boise, Idaho--students that are from other areas of the state will be given stipends to cover travel costs to make in-person meeting options.

We absolutely love seeing these types of opportunities here in the State of Idaho and the students chosen, inevitably, will be OUR leaders one day with this invaluable experience.

See the complete application process, HERE.


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