I've said it a million times while driving around-- AS AN IDAHOAN...Idaho drivers are the worst.  I have a lot of friends here in Boise that haven't grown up in the area and even while in the car with them "Idaho drivers are the WORST" is not an uncommon phrase.

Well, if you've ever said this in your car, too-- there's now some proof to back up the claim.

A popular car insurance website that compares insurance rates for consumers, QuoteWizard.com, has compiled some statistics that rank Idaho drivers among the worst in the country.

Last year, the same survey ranked Idaho at #14. This year? Idaho ranked #9. Yes, we're getting worse, Idaho.

No surprise here-- California ranks first as the country's absolute worst drivers (no offense, California transplants...but you've got to be contributing to our problem).

Factors taken into consideration were: Speeding tickets, DUI's, Vehicle fatalities, and Crashes.

Looking for the BEST drivers? That's Rhode Island-- for the second year in a row.

More on the complete results, HERE.

Drive safe, Idaho.

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