What would you consider to be the 'sounds' of Winter? Snow doesn't make much of a sound--but walking through it sure does! Maybe the sound of shovels on the ground or children playing in the snow?

One distinct sound, for those who are on or near roadways will certainly ring a bell.

We're talking about the sound of studded snow tires crackling their way over the snow to give their drivers some added anti-slip protection when conditions are at their worst.

When the Treasure Valley floor is covered in snow, you may not hear the 'click clack' of studded snow tires--but when the snow is melted and gone for the year, you can hear the cars that are wearing 'snow shoes' from miles away!

Studded snow tires are seasonal tire options for vehicles that offer a significant amount of added slip protection as they have literal steel studs in them to break through the ice on the road. The tires stay on all winter and need to be professionally installed and removed.

Last year, it snowed in May--not enough to call for 'studs' of course. But as Winter is pretty much entirely behind us, the Idaho Transportation Department is reminding drivers that these studs need to come off. Without snow on the ground, they can add a lot of wear on the streets and they certainly do so loudly.

The fine for having studded tires on past the deadline of April 30th is $67. While we can't imagine you would WANT to keep them on--you can't do so sneakily because they're far from quiet.

Set the reminder for April 30th and safe driving, Boise!

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