This week Micron announced another expansion that will create five hundred new jobs in Atlanta. That's right; Micron will open a 'state of the art memory design center in Atlanta, Georgia. Micron is was born and still has its headquarters in Boise.

Atlanta is home to Georgia Tech and a lot of other universities. Tech is one of the best engineering schools in the country. Micron says the move to Atlanta will allow the company to take advantage of the highly sought-after technical workers. One of the valid criticisms of our region and state is that we lack the extensive computer science training programs that are more prevalent in the Bay Area and on the East Coast.

“We are delighted Micron has chosen Atlanta as the location for their new R&D hub,” said Ángel Cabrera, president of Georgia Tech. “We are confident that the strong ecosystem of students, researchers, and start-ups will add tremendous value to their talent and innovation goals. We look forward to expanding our collaboration with Micron and welcome them to the neighborhood.”

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The company made the announcement earlier in the week in a media release. "Atlanta is an emerging hub for high-tech innovation, and our Atlanta Design Center will serve as one of Micron's key memory design and engineering locations," said Scott DeBoer, executive vice president of technology and products at Micron. "Micron's leadership in both DRAM and NAND technologies are fueling critical advances in artificial intelligence, 5G and autonomous vehicle experiences, creating exciting opportunities for top talent to join us as we develop and deliver our next generation of technology innovation."

Micron has built developed plants throughout the country and around the world. The company is currently in 17 countries and California, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, and Virginia.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp praised the news. He called his state the number one state for business. The governor continued saying he looks forward to the memory center bringing innovative solutions to the economy.  You can read our previous story concerning Micron announcing they will spend one hundred fifty billion dollars here.

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