Victoria Secret has been making some big changes over the last decade and certainly over the last few years. The days of the perfect heavenly sexy angels are no more. Now they are embracing and empowering women from all backgrounds and areas of life.

With these changes and shift in focus at Victoria's Secret, they cultivated a new campaign called Love Cloud. The campaign featured 18 different models from around the country all with varying strengths, cultures, shapes and stories to share in the hopes of empowering and building up other women. One very special young woman who is an Idaho Native is one of the chosen models to help represent strong and independent women everywhere.

KTVB says, Celilo Miles a 27-year-old Idaho native is a student, model and wildland firefighter for the Nez Perce tribe. The casting agency reached out to her via Instagram message. It is by far the biggest modeling gig she has ever done.

What an amazing opportunity for her modeling career and to be at the forefront of a camping shift for the betterment of women.


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