Every year around this time in the Treasure Valley the flowers start to bloom and it makes for one of the prettiest seasons in Idaho. Walking along the green belt or hanging out in your backyard is 10 times better when the flowers around you are blooming and all the colors of spring in Idaho start to come to life. If you’re like us and love when the flowers are in full bloom then you’ll be excited to hear that Lovely Hollow Farms has announced their opening day for flower picking!

Lovely Hollow Farms is the best place to go to in the Treasure Valley for both flower picking and pumpkin picking and now their flower picking season is right upon us. Lovely Hollow has officially planted all of their flowers in preparation for everyone to come to pick them and make their own fun bouquets.

Lovely Hollow Farms

The best place to pick flowers!

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

The official flower picking date and opening is Wednesday, July 20th from 6 pm to 10 pm. Until then while you cannot go and make your own bouquets you can still visit and see what it takes for the baby plants to grow into the beautiful flowers that they will become.

Lovely Hollow Farms will also have a June concert series coming up and a Mother’s Day Market. So even though we are still a couple months out from the flowers being fully bloomed Lovely Hollow Farms will still be having a bunch of fun activities for you to enjoy with your friends and family this spring.

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