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It was a big day for a couple of households here in the Treasure Valley!  Kekeluv and I delivered pizza from our friends over at Little Caesar's to two lucky parties and ONE of them even got a brand new TV and sound bar set up! Little did Keke and I know we would come across a natural phenomena.

Our first stop was near the Boise airport--nothing too crazy. We delivered a ton of pizza, crazy bread, and a huge living room upgrade for the big game upgrade!  It was the next stop, in Kuna, that blew our minds.

Now, I've had many a nights out at Cowgirls in Kuna so I'm no stranger to the town...but this was a REAL trip into the boonies!  I'm not sure that I've ever been THAT far into the Idaho desert before and that's where our runner up household was.  We had a whole bunch of pizza to take to them and as we got further out of town--things got more and more strange. Giant signs that say you can't shoot your gun out there...and "whistle pigs" running around EVERYWHERE. Before long we came across a tree--and by the way, this tree was the only one in the area-- and it was GROWING SHOES!

Ok, shoes were't growing, but there were shoes everywhere in it and around it.  There HAS to be a story here... do you know what it is? It's on Poen Rd in Kuna. You can see a photo below.


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