Jail must be lonely for most. I have never been but can only imagine that looking for a friendship, partnership or more would be difficult to say the least. Now-a-days technology has advanced and progressed rapidly in how we communicate and even how we meet people. Idaho inmates have started to get creative on how they access the outside world. Social media is an interesting but convenient choice.

CBS 2 found several videos from Idaho inmates, "The inmates' charges include everything from drug trafficking, vehicular manslaughter, domestic assault, driving under the influence and robbery."

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There is a special 'Idaho Inmates' TikTok page. Yes they have their own page. There are currently 12 videos from inmates with collectively well over a million views. You can see that these videos are being made by inmate visitors holding up a phone camera. The inmates dont have phones inside the prison. This complicates things a bit for The Idaho Department of Correction told CBS2 when they asked if this was allowed, "We have no authority over third parties who post electronic and video communication on behalf of our residents."  

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There are a ton of websites out there to connect inmates with potential friendships, pen-pals and even love and lust outside of the walls. From jailbabes.com to prison-penpal.com to meet-an-inmate.com and more. Someone connected to an Idaho Inmate just got a little more creative and started the TikTok page.

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